Notice for availing mess facility in DTU hostel mess

6 Sep

This is to inform to all the B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA & Ph.D students of DTU who are staying in the periphery of DTU campus and facing lot of inconvenience for their meal. On the request submitted by these students the warden council decided that they may be allowed to avail mess facility in DTU hostels mess as per following instructions:-

1. The first year B.Tech boys are allowed to use Aryabhatt mess.
2. All senior boys M.Tech/B.Tech/MBA/Ph.D and first year M.Tech/MBA are allowed to use mess of CVR Hostel.
3. All the girls are allowed to use SNH Mess.
4. They are not allowed to visit the mess after 9:00 p.m and they shall leave the hostel premises before 9:00 p.m. If someone found in hostel premises after 9:00 p.m. their mess facility will be cancelled and no refund of advance mess fee will be made to them and strict disciplinary action will be initiated against them.
4. They have to make full payment of 3 months (remaining semester) ie. upto 30th November, 2014 in advance directly to Mess Manager. No mess rebate or refund will be given to any such student.
5. They have to give an Undertaking in this regard that they are residing in the periphery of DTU.
6. They have to give their residence proof.

The students who are ready to use mess on above said ground have to submit the documents and their willingness along with undertaking by 09.09.2014 upto 5:00 p.m. The mess facility for the willing students shall be started from 10.09.2014 after submitting the affidavit to the Hostel Office and required mess charges to Mess Manager.

Undertaking by the Student (PDF)