Hostel Facilities

DTU campus hostel facilities temporarily started with Type – IV flats for boys in 1995 and Type – V for girls in 1996.

These facilities were initially created to cater the needs of outside Delhi students as well as the Delhi students staying far off from the college campus.

Later Sir C.V. Raman hostel for boys was started in the year 1997 and subsequently Sir M. Visvesvaraya , Sir J.C. Bose, Varahmihira, Bhaskaracharya, Homi Jehangir Bhabha, & Aryabhatt Hostels for boys and Sister Nivedita and Kalpana Chawla Girls Hostels hostel for girls were started.

The total capacity of boys hostel in DTU is 1284 and for girls 334.

Each hostel is provided with facilities of :

  1. Solar water geysers,
  2. T.V. with cable connection,
  3. Table Tennis, Carom,
  4. Chess,
  5. Badminton Court,
  6. Gymnasium & Reading Room.
  7. LAN