Message from the Chief Warden

I congratulate the Warden’s Council and Hostel Office for bringing a new edition of Hostel Information Bulletin. This bulletin acts as a guide to the student community residing in hostels to lead a comfortable life on the campus and pursue their studies in a nice homely environment. The hostel life of students is a very important part of their life where they live away from their parents, experience a new found independence, make new friends, expand their horizon of activities, and learn to make their own decisions.
Throughout life, students remember the time they have spent in hostels during undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Many students who have lived in DTU hostels are now well known entrepreneurs, educationists, bureaucrats and technocrats leading in their areas of activities; for many students hostels are the breeding grounds for many of their creative extracurricular activities and learning that helps in shaping their overall personality. In order to help students in their new endeavors the Warden’s Council makes every effort to provide a hostel life where students do not feel a home sickness and is full of activities. The Warden’s Council is the apex body that takes vital decisions for smooth running and maintenance of hostels; it is also responsible for maintaining discipline in hostels. Every hostel is looked after by a warden and a residential warden.
Here, I emphasize that while each warden and Warden’s Council make every effort to provide a good campus life to students, at the same time students also have the responsibility to abide by the rules contained in this hostel bulletin. Hostel rules are very important and must be followed in totality. Following rules makes our life disciplined which brings a positive permanent chemical change that precipitates into self-discipline for the rest of our life. Every hostel has a student’s body that is empowered to take some vital decision for the betterment of hostel life with the help of respective wardens. Students can always contact their wardens any time to discuss any hostel related matter or any personal matter also.
While leading a disciplined life in hostels, the students must make sure that there is no incident of ragging. There must be a healthy atmosphere on the campus, where students have a friendly interaction with each other and help each other. Delhi Technological University is totally ragging free either inside the campus or outside the campus. In any rare case if any student comes across any incident of ragging, then the student is duty bound to inform any hostel warden or faculty member or any other university authority immediately.
I extend my hearty welcome to all the entrants in the University hostels. I wish them a happy and healthy campus life and I wish that they make their great careers for themselves in the university hostels and be worthy to serve the country.
Thanking you and with regards
Prof. Dinesh K. Vishwakarma
Chief Warden