Provisional Hostel allotment of B.Tech 2K22 Male students

27 Jul

Provisional Hostel allotment of B.Tech 2K22 Male students has been made and students can check their hostel allotment status by signing in their account through the below mentioned link, if a student is provisionally allotted a hostel seat, he shall have to deposit the Hostel Fee & Mess Fee latest by 30.07.2023. Otherwise, Hostel allotment will be cancelled automatically and will be allotted to wait listed candidates.



The Hostel Fee and Mess Fee details are as under: –

Sr. No.Room-TypeHostel Fee (per year)Advance Mess Fee (for 10 months @Rs. 3480/- per month)
01.Single-Seater (Non-AC)Rs. 60,000/-Rs. 34,800/-
02.Double-Seater (Non-AC)Rs. 56,000/-Rs. 34,800/-
03.Triple-Seater (Non-AC)Rs. 52,000/-Rs. 34,800/-
04.Triple-Seater (AC)Rs. 72,000/-Rs. 34,800/-

Students are directed to choose one of the following accounts to pay your mess fee as per your allotted hostel:

  • “Group A Mess DTU” (for HJB, VVS, APJ & BCH)
  • “Group B Mess DTU” (for CVR, JCB & VMH)
  • “Group C Mess DTU” (for SNH, VLB & KCH)
  • “Group D Mess DTU” (for ABH, NDPG, Type-2 & Ramanujan (Transit) Hostel)

All the students who have been allotted hostel are required to submit the following documents to their concerned hostel attendant at the time of possession.:

  1. Copy of Payment receipt of Hostel Fee & Mess Fee.
  2. Copy of Hostel Registration form along with all the documents mentioned in the Registration form duly signed by the parents and student.

Note: Only after deposition of complete Hostel Fee and Mess Fee, a student can be eligible to take possession in the allotted hostel seat latest by 07.08.2023. If a student faces any issue related to Hostel/Mess Fee payment, he/she can email the issue to: