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Hostel accommodation is very limited so it cannot be allotted to all.
  For New Registration- Affidavit duly signed by student and his/her parents on a non-judicial stamp of Rs. 10/-. Download Here.
Medical Certificate to be enclosed with the Hostel New Registeration Form. Download Here
  Hostel surrender form Click Here.

Provisional list of students who have been found eligible for hostel re-allotment for the Academic Year 2014-15. Click Here.

 The last date for submission of hostel registration form only for B. Tech First Year Students has been extended upto 23rd August 2014. No extension for MBA/M. Tech/Senior B. Tech Students.

Hostel Registration Form for academic year 2014-2015. Click here
For University Registration no. enter JEE Mains Roll number (1st year students).

Mess bill for the month of June, 2014 including previous balance if any. To be paid by 25.07.2014. Click Here
For any query related to mess bill please contact Mr. Dev Kumar – 9910996032

Mode of payment of Hostel Fee 2014-15. Click here.

Hostel fees to be deposited only after the hostel is allotted. Click Here

Documents admissible as Latest Address Proof in matter of hostel allotment. Click here.

Registration Form for Hostel can be send through post/courier. Click Here

Notice : Revised Hostel Fee structure 2014-2015. Click Here

For any Queries contact:  27852204, 27871044, 27871045, 27871022, Extn. 1104, 1113 between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days.

Delhi Technological University has 9 Boys and 6 Girls hostels in the campus that can accomodate around 1600 students. These hostels are:

Boys Hostels

1. Bhaskaracharya Hostel

2. Sir C. V. Raman Hostel

3. Sir J.C. Bose Hostel

4. Varahmihir Hostel

5. Sir Vishveshwarya Hostel

6. Homi Jehangir Bhabha Hostel

7. Aryabhatt Hostel

8. Ramanujam Hostel

9. Type – II B-5 Boys Hostel

Girls Hostels

10. Sister Nivediata Hostel

11. Kalpana Chawla Hostel

12. Type – III Block 1 Girls Hostel

13. Type – III Block 2 Girls Hostel

14. Type – II Block – 1 Girls Hostel

15. Type – II Block – 2,3,4 Girls Hostel

The mess services are provided in four of the hostels. These are Sir Visversvaraya Hostel, Sir C. V. Raman Hostel AryaBhatt hostel and SNH Hostel. These cater to the requirements of all the students residing within the campus.

Every hostel has its own common room and gymnasium. Additionally every hostel suscribes to the latest magazines and newspapers for the residents.

The hostels are connected to the campus via the campus wide wi-fi network and LAN which enables the residents to browse the internet and access the online library resources for their academic and research related work.